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Parks with Personality

If you have a picnic location in mind, please do let us know! We're happy to try to set up in your favorite spot! Not all spaces are accessible for the materials for your luxury picnic, so we often like to preview new locations before confirming that we can set up there. 
Often times guests are open to suggestion! In those cases, we have previewed various parks in Rochester and have found a collection of locations each that provide a different atmosphere and experience!

St. Mary's Park

This park is up on the hill just east of St. Mary's Hospital in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Rochester. The canopy of trees offer amazing coverage and views making it the perfect spot for those toasty days! If the cool hilltop breeze cools you off too much, you can wrap up in one of the fresh and clean blankets! We've found this park to always be quiet and private and is our number one pick for picnic locations in Rochester!

Central Park

Coming up at the top with St. Mary's Park is the Central Park Gazebo. This setting has a more picnic-in-the-city vibe that we can't get enough of. Of course, it is in the heart of the city and is right in the middle of Rochester's history. Stroll by the Heritage House Victorian Museum on your way to your picnic. The Central Park Gazebo adds a cozy and private (while in the middle of the park) feel to your picnic and is very functional if rain is in your forecast! Rain often means people stay indoors, but you don't have to! You can picnic under the gazebo watching the rain fall around you. Cozy up in a freshly laundered blanket to take away any damp chills!

Bear Creek Park 

On the west side of Bear Creek behind Mayo High School is our favorite choice for those who want to be near water! There is a tucked away corner almost invsible to the path with a very romantic setting! Two giant trees cast the perfect shade for guests to view the still water, in a somewhat secluded picnic. 

We could go on and on with the different locations in Rochester that would make for the perfect picnic. Quarry Hill, Essex, and Kutzky Parks are just three examples of popular picnic spots too. Each with their own personality and individual qualities. 

Our Preferred Locations: Our Locations
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