Pop-up picnics are a unique and fun way to connect with the outdoors and there has been no better time than now to appreciate and enjoy the natural elements. With picnicMOJO you can expect luxury picnic dining with thoughftul touches to make your experience memorable. We'll do all the work to set up and take down the picnic, so all you and your guests get to do is relax and have fun!


The inspiration behind picnicMOJO

picnicMOJO is enthusiastically created by Minnesota natives Brian and Jodie Meurer. In February of 2020, when their younger son moved into his first apartment, the newly-turned empty nesters had dreams and plans of adventuring and traveling. 

Instead, they became unexpectedly sheltered under the same roof with only each other, their cat Mojo, and few options for travel. The circumstances of 2020 turned the couples' focus away from distant adventures and back to home. Their appreciation for their home town and the many amazing local small businesses only grew, and they pondered ways that they too could contribute to such a dynamic community. 

When the couple tried to find a pop-up picnic to participate in, but couldn't, they wished 'someone' would open one. Brian decided to be that someone, and so became picnicMOJO. 

Now the couple has fun providing the community with a unique way to enjoy the MN seasons.